Gazi lofts

This is a site north-east orientated, therefore designing a conventional solution would fell poor in direct sunlight. The concept was to divide the area in two linear zones and to maintain one of them transparent capturing as much sunlight from the south-west as possible. Athens is a place of intense sunlight and blue skies mostly all year round so using the idea of transparency would bring the outside into the inside and create a bright open environment. Thus, living areas of 5,5m height were created in the transparent zone, and all the other uses, were organized in the second zone. Living areas then are fully glazed to the North and South, being bright all day long, whereas at night they absorb the city lights. The 3 loft apartments, leave space to the eye to move around in all directions, capturing views and perspectives that stretch from Gazi area to Keramikos green park and Lycabetus hill.