Nefelia Studio

Is a creative practice, based in Athens, that focuses on architectural planning and interior design. Curating exhibitions and smaller scaled design processes are also part of the studio, with collaborations between other architects and artists being essential for its sustainability. In Nefelia Studio,  a design can grow into a small object or a building itself.

The main goal is to enrich the impact and reach of each project through a creative dialogue that makes architecture  perpetual, poetic, austere. The founder of the studio, architect Nefeli Papanagiotou, since 2005, has explored a wide field of creative routes, gaining essential experience that covers large to small scale design work as well as project management and supervision.

 Nefeli Papanagiotou, graduated from Mackintosh school of Architecture | Glasgow university , following a second degree in Architecture from Brighton university. She added to her Architecture studies  an interior design master degree from Brighton University. Working as a freelance architect, she concluded in 2012, the construction of a large scale project, Loft apartments in Gazi, that was chosen for the Biennale of Young Greek architects 2012. Social sensitivity led to  useful architectural practices in the city. The project “fabric building” was chosen for official representation in the 15th Biennale of Architecture in Venice, 2016.

 While working as an architect, she became fond of fashion projects that led to the launch of a unique jewelry brand, Nefelia Boutique, with national and international presence. With Nefelia Studio, she brings together all her experience in a collective practice.