The interior of a penthouse loft in the city centre of Athens had a creative and full of challenges brief, since the owner was no other than the architect herself. So when someone says that ourself is the hardest client to please, he/she is right! Concrete and wood, metal and glass, had to be combined to a contemporary yet classic mix, in an apartment of no more than 100sq.m. A unique staircase was designed and constructed by metal, while solid pieces of wood  serve as stairs on top of the metal bases. The result is as airy as industrial, perfectly combined with the huge glass walls that bring the interior to a light feeling. We decided to play with different materials such as perforated metal sheets instead of wood for the kitchen cabinets, and polycarbonate sheets as the closet’s door panels. The kitchen is in a visual continuity with the living space, not only of its open plan design but also the continuous wooden flooring.