Electra Art Space is pleased to present “Fluidity”, Nefelia’s new jewelry collection.

Fluidity came after a series of experimentations, during which the designer attempted to explore plexiglass’ behavior and properties under different temperature conditions. Architect Nefeli Papanagiotou (a.k.a Nefelia), reuses pieces of plexiglass that are traditionally recycled, to create new forms that will embrace her jewelry. This process results in a cohesive, artistic synthesis; however, it can also be broken down into standalone objects, the jewels, and their stands.


In attempt to capture the fluidity of time, Nefelia works with the ephemeral nature of forms and materials. Her designs are governed by a fluid and vigorous, visual writing. During the heating process, plexiglass particles have very little time to stabilize in a solid form and that is why the final product might seem free-formed at occasions, or even incomplete. Along with the new collection, exhibition’s visitors will get to see the new “Eyes on You’’ earrings, designer’s trademark eye-earrings, and summer ‘’Twist’’ collection in bright colors.


Presentation: Thursday July 16 2020 12:00-20:00

Duration: 16.07.2020- 31.07.2020