This is a
project exploring, promoting, hosting projects, works, objects, ideas,
individuals or collectivities.
It is all about
It is a project
on urban ecology, dwelling in the city, social performativity, manmade
environments, homemade situations.
It is mobile,
and has a purpose of transforming spaces, providing a “private eye” to works
never previewed before.

In Ape we are all artists and viewers, hosts and guests,
connecting to each other, sharing ideas, balancing ourselves with technological
manners, and producing feelings without the need for reason.

Join us. Join
the apes.

#1 Season

Ape, for its first “season”, is situated in an industrial loft in the
centre of Athens, thus challenging its owner’s limits.  *my home* space questions matters
of/on individuality/ possession/ property/ community/ privacy/ collectivity/
art making/ designing/ versatility/ adaptation/ mutation/ duration, boundaries.
6 artists have
gathered to present us, unseen, exclusive pieces of their work, in dialogue
with the space they are inhabiting.

Opening. Friday
01/03/19  20.00-24.00
Vitonos 7, Gazi, Athens 11854

Curated by
architect Nefeli Papanagiotou